Championing Gender Inclusivity and SMEs for Prosperous Growth

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Fund Structuring

Our Expertise: Crafting Impact Funds and Gender Funds, and Engaging Investors in Emerging Markets

At our firm, we specialize in empowering fund managers and large ecosystem players to navigate the complexities of designing impact funds and gender funds in emerging markets. Our expertise extends to fund positioning and investor engagement strategies, where we conduct LP interviews to ascertain project appetite for fund, region, and asset class, ensuring alignment with investor goals and preferences. 

We’ve helped clients as large The Millennium Challenge Corporation, a bilateral United States foreign aid agency established by the U.S. Congress in 2004 which provides grants to countries that have been determined to have good economic policies and potential for economic growth.  

Investment Committees

Guiding Investments, Maximizing Returns: a safe, but experienced, pair of hands at the start of the deal

At FyreFem, our distinction lies in our role as trusted investment committee members for private equity (PE) and venture capital (VC) firms. We bring a deep understanding of deal fundamentals, honed through our lived deal experiences and comprehensive knowledge of business rescue and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors. With this expertise, we provide invaluable insights and strategic direction to help firms navigate market dynamics, regulatory requirements, and investment strategies. From evaluating potential opportunities to conducting due diligence and shaping investment strategies, our team ensures that clients maximize returns.

We sit as voting members for stand-alone IC roles but for those funds which we are incubating for licensing we supervise during the IC meetings and these can be voting or observer-only roles. 

Turnaround Advisory

Revitalizing Businesses, Igniting Success: Your Partner in Turnaround Excellence

At FyreFem, our expertise in turnaround advisory and business rescue is unparalleled. We bring our wealth of knowledge in corporate finance, valuations, due diligence, and mergers and acquisitions to turnarounds and business rescues. Our hands-on approach to distressed businesses involves strategic restructuring, balance sheet optimization. 

Our ability in this area is demonstrated by our appointment to the Turnaround Panel of the Public Investment Corporate and the Industrial Development Corporation. 

Capital Raise and Corporate Advisory

Empowering Your Journey: Expert Corporate Advisors in M&A and Capital Raising

At FyreFem, our Corporate Finance and Capital Raising division is your strategic partner in navigating the complexities of financial transactions and fundraising for those transactions, or for growth. We can assist all the way along the full deal (or capital raise) timeline from deal origination, valuations, due diligence processes, legal reviews, closing and negotiating exits. Our team is adept at fundraising, guiding you through every stage of the process. 

We are great at preparing funding application papers and teasers given our long experience in getting funding approved at committees for deals. Additionally, our proficiency in M&A enables us to navigate negotiations and structure transactions effectively in the mid-market space.