Breaking Barriers, Building Legacies:

FyreFem's Commitment to Diversity in Finance

FyreFem’s mission centres on creating positive change by collaborating with high-impact fund managers, with a preference for those owned by women or black entrepreneurs.


Financial expertise meets practical experience. With a solid foundation in debt and equity spanning many years, we’ve honed our skills in PE and VC fund structure advisory and business rescue consultation. Our client roster proudly includes heavyweights like the largest pension fund in Africa and partners in US Government-funded investment initiatives in Africa. At FyreFem, we bring a personal touch to our technical proficiency, drawing from our lived experience as investors and SME advisors. While gender lens investment is part of our DNA, we’re here to make the financial journey more accessible and tailored to your unique needs. Explore FyreFem Consulting, where seasoned financial wisdom meets a down-to-earth approach.

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A dynamic incubator for emerging fund managers, uniquely crafted from our lived experiences in the often tough, PE fundraising world. With a primary focus on funds with a focus on SMEs throughout their lifecycle, our division stands out for its unwavering commitment to women-led initiatives. We go beyond standard compliance, making a real impact by nurturing fund managers to navigate the intricate regulatory landscape. Our approach is recognized and backed by USAID Mobilizing Investments, who see the difference we bring to the table. Join us in shaping a compliant, impactful future for fund managers and SME portfolio companies alike, where FyreFem’s distinctive touch makes all the difference.

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Fund Incubation Program


FyreFem’s mission centres on creating positive change by collaborating with high-impact fund managers, with a preference for those owned by women or black entrepreneurs. We kicked off our program in November 2023, supported by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Southern Africa Mobilizing Investment (USAID Mobilizing Investment) Project. USAID Mobilizing Investment is a five-year project aimed at addressing various funding gaps in Southern Africa’s investment ecosystem. The project’s goal is to stimulate private capital investment in sectors that can drive employment, reduce poverty, and combat inequality within the Southern African region.

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Direct Investments

Rooted in business rescue and private equity, we aim to create impactful changes by wisely allocating capital. Our passion drives us to invest in SMEs, applying a ‘Gender Lens’ to envision and shape their future gender dynamics. Our approach doesn’t require companies to be women-owned but to be open to fostering gender-positive environments.

We invest in SMEs using our ‘Gender Lens’ which assesses what the future of gender in that SME could be, and by implementing our gender development programme guided by the management team. Our portfolio companies don’t have to be women-owned to qualify for investment – just positively predisposed to us helping them get there.


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Explore the dynamic women driving FyreFem’s success. With a wealth of experience in private equity, corporate finance, and business rescue, our team brings strong technical abilities and a deep understanding of the financial landscape. Meet our visionary leaders who are shaping the future of FyreFem and making a lasting impact in the industry.

We like to facilitate the allocation of capital to women, ie women-owned fund managers and to women-owned portfolio companies wherever possible. Our fund manager incubation programme has a requirement that the fund manager has diversified ownership and management.